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Hello Cado Lovers! We’re Eric and Patti, owners of 2BGreen. Thank you for visiting our site!


 About Us

We are a grower & direct farm-to-table shipper of California avocados. Our avocados are grown in the rich, fertile soil of the Santa Clara River Valley on the outskirts of Fillmore, CA – the last best small town in Southern California.

Eric is an all-around natural-born engineer and has completely overhauled the irrigation on our farm, reducing water consumption by 50%.

Patti grew up in the rich farmlands of Southwest Minnesota, growing fruits and vegetables with her mom since she was a toddler. Her thumbs are permanently stained green.

Eric and Patti live at their avocado farm in Fillmore, California with their two cats, Oscar and Nina, and their backyard chickens – Foggy, Leggy, Buffy, Blackie, Goldie, Rocky, Red and Rhodie. 

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Why Choose 2BGreen?

We handpick and ship our avocados to order, so we can guarantee the highest quality and freshest avocados arrive at your door. Direct from our trees to your doorstep in just a few days.

When you buy avocados from the grocery store, and even from some farmer’s markets, most conventional avocados are 21-28 days old, picked prematurely, and ripened with ethylene gas. With our Tree-To-Table approach, we keep the fruit on our trees longer (which produces superior fruit with more nutritious oil content), and deliver them to you with minimal handling within just a few days from picking.  

We don't use any pesticides or herbicides in our orchard, and we have begun the long process of pursuing organic certification. So, you can rest assured you are receiving healthy, uncontaminated fruit when you order from us.

We have both worked in customer service roles our entire careers. Dedication to the customer is in our DNA, and we bring that dedication to you (our customer) with our pledge to provide you with high quality California avocados. We stand behind our promise to deliver fresh and delicious fruit to your doorstep with a 100% satisfaction guarantee.   

We look forward to sending you your own box of 2BGreen, California avocados. You will surely taste the difference!

Our History

We both began our careers in the high tech industry, having met at an Internet startup in 1996. Since then, we’ve continued to work with technology in a corporate environment. We have now leveraged our technology expertise in our growing efforts as well.

In 2010, we embarked on a quest to improve our own nutrition by growing our own greens and other vegetables, using a system of Aquaponics. Beginning with a small outdoor system, we grew amazing tomatoes and greens with just 5% of the water it takes to grow in soil. From that point we were hooked, and scaled up our system to 100 SF greenhouse with a 300 gallon fish tank, filled with vibrant Tilapia. Eric’s mastery of plumbing and engineering allowed us to automate the entire greenhouse.

We soon wanted more space to do more growing, so we have also brought our expertise with technology to bear on our avocado ranch. Eric has automated the well pump and irrigation cycles with “if this, then that” technology. This, along with other improvements and enhancements, has reduced our water footprint by 50%.      



Our Avocados are produced with SunPower by Green Convergence!

Obviously, all avocados are grown with the power of the sun, but our farm takes this to a whole new level. Our farm operations are completely powered by a SunPower Solar System installed on our Cool Roof by Green Convergence.

Patti loves all creatures, great and small. She manages the “livestock” on our farm, including our red wiggler worm factory – a vermiculture composter. We feed our garden waste and produce trimmings to our worms, who, in turn, provide us with rich castings and worm tea. Nope, we don’t drink it! We use these as soil amendments, and the worm tea can also be used as a foliar spray to treat trees via their leaves. We also use the fish emulsion from our Aquaponics system to treat our soil.

We thrive by working with our surrounding wildlife, and ecosystem to nurture our farm and promote biodiversity. Our feral cats, Great Horned Owls and Red-tailed Hawks aid in rodent control. We also enjoy the benefit of a California Condor reserve just over the ridge of our property, and we see the shadow of their immense wingspan on a daily basis, reassuring us that they will clean up the leftovers that other predators leave behind.

An abundance of honey bees pollinate our beautiful trees. Our immense variety of wild birds, including Hummingbirds, Orioles, Phoebes, Finches and Towhees, feast on insects and help control pest breakouts. Because we maintain and promote a healthy ecosystem in our orchard, we have strong disease and pest-resistant trees.

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